Harlem University

Harlem University was created as simple form of expression of the love Shannon Collins has for Harlem. Inspired by her husband, Keir Collins to share that love with the world. They embarked on developing a multifaceted company that celebrates Harlem's beauty,  culture and community.  


Harlem University  creates quality products that embodies the essence of Harlem.  It is our goal to bring the Vibe of Harlem, to each individual regardless of  where they reside.  It doesn't matter if  you were Harlem born and raised, grew up and moved away, or a visitor for a day,  if she' ll always have  a place in your heart than Harlem University is for you.


Harlem University is more than products, we are committed to assisting the community of Harlem. Harlem University has Products, Services and support local charities in Harlem, New york.